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Training troubled boys to be triumphant teenagers through 
God's Holy Word and Christian Education.
Welcome to Shining Light School for Boys
     Shining Light School for Boys is a Christian boarding school for boys who have had academic and behavioral problems in traditional settings. Our troubled teen program was developed to address shortcomings by providing a residential private Christian school with a christian family atmosphere as a positive alternative.  
     For many students, the traditional school system fails to provide the structure and disciplined environment necessary for their social and moral development. Many teen boot camps generally meet a child's need for discipline and structure, but take an unbalanced approach of de-emphasizing education, Christianity, social development, and emotional growth. While this harsh approach may be appropriate in extreme cases, for many students it is over corrective. 
     Shining Light School for Boys avoids these extremes through a balanced approach to student development. We combine structure and discipline with a well-rounded education in a safe and nurturing family environment. If your child is having disciplinary problems at home and at school then Shining Light School for Boys may be the solution you have been seeking.
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Shining Light School for Boys
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Phone: 336-596-6459